How can one woman be so funny? Meet Sister Big Bone

Can you tell us where you’re from and how long have you been in the Carolinas?

SB: Hi there, I am originally from Washington, DC, by way of Queens, New York, Pinetops and Tarboro, NC. I have been living in Raleigh, NC since 1997.

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So long have you been doing comedy and how did you get your stage name?

SB:  I have been doing comedy since 2009 and my ex boyfriend gave me the name because of the Anthony Hamilton song.

OK, so who inspired you to become a comedian?


SB: I have a comedian friend by the name of Phillip Williams. He got me into comedy. We used to work together, and he invited me to an open mic and the rest is history.

And what’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

SB: The funniest thing that ever happened (wasn’t to me but about me). It was when I was born and the nurses asked my mom (she is white), ummm, were you expecting a black baby? What can I say, it was the 70’s…lol

Where do you draw your inspiration?


SB: My inspiration comes from day to day life and the people that are in it.

OK, so what’s one thing you know now, that you wish you knew before you became a comedian?

SB: The one thing I know now is. I wish, I had done this sooner in life!

And where can people go to stay connected to you?

SB: To stay connected with Sista Big Bone is FB: Tara Sista Big Bone Sharpe INSTAGRAM: Sistabigbone71, TWITTER: Sistabigbone71, PERISCOPE: Sistabigbone the Comedienne