Meet K-Hill one of NC most talented hip hop artist.

An interview with North Carolina's hip hop artist K-Hill.

What’s going on K-Hill?

Let our fans know what part of the Carolinas you’re from and how long you have been doing hip hop.

K: I’m in the Raleigh/Durham area by way of a small city called Wilson. I’ve been doing hip hop seriously since 02′ after I started officially releasing product.

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So who inspired you the most in life and in hip hop and why?

K: In life, my grandmothers and mother inspired me the most. That’s my hero right there. I’ve seen her work very hard for the things she wanted. She loves her family and she never gave up on anything and she never give up on her fam.


In hip hop my biggest inspiration was Marley Marl, then Pete Rock/Large Pro…these guys had every hip hop record remix on lock when I was growing up. Locally, I would have to say the producer Ski Beats and my homie Omniscence…these were the first guys that I seen make it out of NC on a major scale when I first jumped into music.

You have done a lot for hip hop in NC. What do you think the hip hop scene in the Carolinas need the most?

K: Not to become complacent with only being known in Carolina. The best thing artist can do for our scene is to push their talents as far out of NC as possible. Bring those trophies home to inspire the up and coming artists. Only a strong sense of business and the ability to network with sincerity can make these things happen.


And what advice would you give to an artist just starting out in the Carolinas?

K: That Nothing happens overnight. Learn how to take constructive criticism. Understand that success will change some people for better or for worse. It’s ok to get discouraged but don’t give up your craft. Most of your biggest supporters will not be from NC. No one owes you anything. Weather performing or recording always give 100% because you may never know when your opportunity will come and you want to be prepared when it does. Learn to celebrate other artists who are making moves and use that a source of inspiration. Work hard, stay humble. Make sure your reputation is as good as your talent for making music.

You’re also a DJ. So in your opinion why aren’t DJs in the Carolinas playing Carolina artist?

K: I play Carolina artists in most events I rock at. As far as the radio deejays, most of them are at the mercy of the radio program director so at prime time they have to play what pays the bills.


I will say this…Nikki Nicole (formerly of K97,5) tried to have a platform for local artists to be played but artists didn’t have publishing, bds registration, or product in place for these records to be played. So it was almost pointless to play these records.

Artist have to realize that radio is a business. Your music are your ads. Why would you advertising something you can’t sell?

What projects are you currently working on?

K: I’m working on an album for Soulspazm Records through my fam DJ KO’s Elementality Productions brand. Some dope records that im hyped about as well as some ill producers on the project. We’re dropping an EP before the album drop to set the tone for the project. I’m also working with an ill upcoming artist by the name of Precyce Politix. Look out for that guy.

And where can people go to stay connected to you?

K: On Twitter and IG you can find me at @Achilles_Hill on facebook im simply facebook/KHillmusic and my site