A moment with funny man Mick Mckenna

How is it going Mick?

M: Good

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Can you tell our fans, where are you from and how long have you been in the Carolinas?

M: From Glasgow, Scotland and I arrived here in NC from Scotland in September 2000.

So what made you want to become a comedian?


M: I have been in comedy for more than 25 years. Worked on shows, and was a columnist in a newspaper. I was also a freelance, then commissioned, script writer for BBC Scotland Radio and TV. That is a lot of team work with many involved to get your work out there. Doing stand up you become your own script writer, producer, editor, actor and publicist and critic. Its daunting but liberating. You get all the credit and all the blame. I started doing stand up 7 years ago.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before becoming a comedian?

M: Accept help and seek criticism.

So who is the funniest person you know personally?

M: Worked for Craig Ferguson and he was very sharp, very driven, and very smart who was recovering as an addict and alcoholic when I worked on a team with him on a pilot, then a tv series for the BBC. Very perceptive and a high school drop out. Kind and generous to minions and gracious to writers.

And since you have been doing comedian for a while. How do you deal with hecklers?


M: Ignore them – or gently indulge them and their ego but get the crowd quickly on my side, and move on. Don’t argue or insult – if you do you give them a platform and encourage them, and then you get off your game. Don’t let them steal your time.

Good advice, so who is your favorite comedian of all time?

M: Billy Connolly – Very Original, versatile, real, and very funny and from my home town.

Where can people go to stay up to date with you?

M: Mick McKenna comic facebook

Website: allcleancomedy.com