You telling me this is a mixtape?


When I first received the link to this mixtape, I said, Oh boy not another mixtape”.

[xyz-ihs snippet=”320GoogleM”]

So I finally got around to checking it out while cleaning my house. Usually I listen to mixtapes in my car, but that’s another story.

So after listening to the Mixtape. I quickly realized, Dame aka DND WORLDWIDE isn’t some unpolished rapper  at your local gas station handing out cheap CDs. He actually has skills.

My favorite song on the Mixtape is “The Way I Relay”. In which, Dame displays his lyrical assault and rides the beat like a vet!


Another thing I liked about this mixtape is its balance. Dame has a little something for everybody. This mixtape was very well put together and in my opinion should have been an album. I see why my fellow bloggers are inquiring about this guy. His buzz is really well deserve.

The only problem I had with the mixtape was some of the sound quality at times, but most people won’t even notice it.

So in my opinion, I give this Mixtape 3.8 stars out of 5!

It’s defiantly worth a listen.

To check out the mixtape hit the play button.